Sclerotherapy is a treatment widely used to effectively eliminate varicose and spider veins. During this procedure, a sclerotherapy solution will be injected directly into the unwanted vein which irritates the lining of the blood vessel and causes it to collapse, clot, and eventually be reabsorbed by the surrounding tissue. This process forces the body to redirect blood to healthier, more capable veins, causing the unwanted veins to fade away. The sclerotherapy procedure is performed with a fine needle and small amounts of sclerosing solution. 

The effectiveness of sclerotherapy can be seen within a few weeks of the initial treatment, with some patients occasionally reporting that it took up to a month to see visible results. The number of treatments you may need will depend on the severity of your varicose and spider veins as well as your desired appearance. Individual treatment plans vary and can be discussed with your doctor at your consultation. On average, patients receive three to four treatments to clear or improve the condition of those unwanted veins.

What are the side effects of sclerotherapy? 

The most common side effects to sclerotherapy include allergic reactions, ankle swelling, vein inflammation or phlebitis, and in rare cases, transient hyperpigmentation. More often than not, the injected veins will become darker before disappearing due to the irritant nature of the sclerosing solution.

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Just as the name suggests, photorejuvenation is a relatively new laser-like procedure that uses precise pulses of light to treat imperfections such as damaged skin, wrinkles, acne scarring, and the large pores. 

What is photorejuvenation used for? 

Here at Epilution Med Spa, we specialize in using photorejuvenation to treat wrinkles, skin laxity, brown spots, redness, cherry angiomas, acne scarring, and stretch marks. Photorejuvenation is a quick, painless procedure that rejuvenates your skin to restore your skin’s youthful appearance and elasticity. There is no pain associated with this treatment or recovery time, so you can continue with your day-to-day activities without any discomfort or visible changes. 

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