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Dr. Sinclair is amazing! He's my primary care physician. I found him online (and he shamed me for that hahaha) and on my first visit in he was going thru my medical history. I had developed a heart condition with the pregnancy of my daughter that cardiologists didn't even have knowledge of, but Dr. Sinclair went right into the full onslaught of questions and a treatment plan for the long term. I was so impressed, I refuse to use anyone else for any of my medical needs. Over time I have tried out some of his custom skin care products and have been thrilled. I refer any and everyone to him because he is so extremely knowledgeable...about EVERYTHING! Do yourself a favor and go see him for whatever tuning up you need. And kudos to his support staff- they're the best.

Erin R.

Dr Sinclair is the absolute best in every aspect . Very attentive and always takes the utmost care of all of his patients . He spotted a skin cancer on my face that my former dermatologist missed A+++ recommended .

Jennie G.

Wonderful, caring people!! I love the staff and how they care for their patients.

April J.

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